Radius LAB

Always moving

The biological definition of life is movement. If your heart stops to pump - or if a tree stops blooming, it´s over. The DNA of Radius Lab is movement. An ongoing exploration. Unresolved curiosity and experiments on new territory.

There will always be a number of experiments running in the Lab - right now you can find infusions, barrel aged snaps and Eau-de-vie on Danish apples.

These products are very limited in number, if you are interested in the micro releases, please contact us.



Malt Snaps

The Lab smells like rye bread baking, when our Beer Snaps is in making. A snaps that has dark and plentiful rye, sweet aromas like Mom´s øllebrød and a long aftertaste that will cater well with a cold lunch or a Christmas table. 

Right now it is aging in Bourbon barrels, while the alcohol level adjusts slightly as the cask does its work. 

Sales will go on when the snaps is ready, and there will be a list for those who wish to purchase one of the less than 100 bottles.  

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